Un édifice emblématique

depuis 1907

Au sommet du bien-être

Le Régina, hôtel 5 étoiles à Biarritz

Le Régina has joined the Experimental Group family and is being transformed to welcome you again next summer 2023 in a brand new setting!

Dorothée Meilichzon will reinvent the spaces of this legendary hotel while remaining faithful to the timelessness of the Belle Époque style building built in 1907.
Experimental Group will bring its unique touch to the atmosphere, the rooms and the restaurant offer of the Regina, tastefully imagined for a curious and demanding clientele.

We look forward to unveiling our projects and welcoming you to the Regina Experimental Biarritz.

In the meantime, we welcome you with pleasure at Garage Biarritz with a welcome offer. Code REGINA
Le Garage